How to Woo Your Voice

Between teaching at MCTC and in my own teaching studio and coaching the kiddos at Northeast Middle School, I am talking to a lot of people about the fundamentals of singing. (Yay!)

Sadly, some of these singers don’t like their voices. (*sad face*) …

How to Survive a Scat Solo

With practice scat singing during a solo can be exciting and great fun and allow you to unlock original and memorable versions of the songs you sing. …

How to Memorize a Song

Learning the words to a song is obviously an important skill for a singer to master. This post contains tips to help you lock in those lyrics.

How it Works: The Diaphragm

Misconceptions about breathing abound among singers. I have found with my students, that understanding how we bring air into and out of the lungs can help them master crucial coordinations for breathing and, more important, singing. *smile*

How It Works: The Larynx

Most singers know very little, however, about the parts of their instrument or how it works.