about singingly

singingly adv. an invented word pertaining to and regarding all things singing.

I really like the nuts and bolts of singing and I really like working with singers.

I love helping people figure out how to use this organic instrument of ours.

I started writing the singingly newsletter a few years ago to support my private and college students in their singing education.

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Sarah GreerSarah M. Greer is a vocalist, instructor and improviser who combines vocal improvisation, education and performance. She loves to sing and believes in each person’s right to sing and the power of singing to change the world.

Sarah has been singing for decades and began studying vocal improvisation in 2003. Five years later, she completed her AAS in vocal performance. In 2011, she completed a year-long vocal improvisation course, for which she traveled to Europe to study with her mentor Rhiannon (a member of Bobby McFerrin’s Voicestra).

Sarah joined the voice faculty at MCTC in the fall of 2010.

Sarah sings and performs in a wide variety of genres, venues, events and musical combinations — from jazz to reggae and nightclubs to weddings, be it a cappella (unaccompanied) or working with a band. She loves performing and co-creating with other singers and instrumentalists.

Based in the Twin Cities, Sarah has “invented” music on local and international stages.

Sarah is passionate about ending singing trauma and helping singers trust and enjoy their unique instruments.

Get in touch: 608-338-6840 or singingly@sarahmgreer.com.

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