8 Tips to Help You Sound Good and Sing Well

As singers, we want to sound good. And, as odd as it may sound, sometimes that can get in our way.

How it Works: The Diaphragm

Misconceptions about breathing abound among singers. I have found with my students, that understanding how we bring air into and out of the lungs can help them master crucial coordinations for breathing and, more important, singing. *smile*

How It Works: The Larynx

Most singers know very little, however, about the parts of their instrument or how it works.

Where the Air Goes: Saving vs. Spending

Singers tend to fall into two camps regarding breathing: savers and spenders. Singers who spend air when they sing use up all of the breath right at the beginning. Phrases start out strong, but taper off to a whimper. (You feel like you never hear the end of what they are singing.) Contrarily, savers never […]

Go with the Flow

As I have said before, breath is important to and for singers. Learning to let the breath “take care of itself” makes our singing easier and better. For me, understanding how my breath and vocal folds work together was crucial to improving my singing. … So. Imagine your windpipe is a garden hose. Now imagine […]