Where the Air Goes: Saving vs. Spending

rainbow-colored pinwheelSingers tend to fall into two camps regarding breathing: savers and spenders.

Singers who spend air when they sing use up all of the breath right at the beginning. Phrases start out strong, but taper off to a whimper. (You feel like you never hear the end of what they are singing.)

Contrarily, savers never use enough air for the phrase to get off the ground. Tone is uneven or thin and enunciation is usually missing.

If you have either of these tendencies (and most of us do *smile*), you can use breathing exercises to mend your bad habits.

The exercise from the breathing bonus audio is great for both spenders and savers because it takes you through short, quick breaths (good for savers) on to longer, slow breaths (good for spenders).

Remember, our main job when we sing is to move air. The more control we have over how quickly and freely the air moves, the better control we have over our voices.

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