lessons & workshops

Through workshops, classes and vocal lessons, Sarah helps singers understand how their voices work from a physiological and personal perspective. Singers become smarter and stronger technically and, as a result, become freer and more authentic when they sing.

Workshop Offerings

  • Songtaneous Singing Workshop (90 mins)
  • Circle Singing Improv Workshop (3 hours)
  • Scat Singing Fundamentals I: Starting to Scat Sing (90 mins to 2 hours)
  • Scat Singing Fundamentals II: Beyond the Basics (2-1/2 hours)
  • Scat Singing Fundamentals III: Master Jazz Vocals (2-1/2 hours)
  • Working with the Rhythm Section (3 hours)
  • Monthly Songtaneous Sessions (2 hours)
  • Custom Workshops – Contact Sarah to request rates or more information.

Individual & Group Singing Lessons

Enjoy fun lessons that teach you how your voice works and help you use it better.

Ready to start? Click here to request an introductory lesson.

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