Breathing Facts

The average person takes 21,600 breaths per day. The body requires 88 pounds of oxygen per day. (25% of that is used by our brains!) The maximum amount of air the lungs can contain ranges between 4 to 7 liters. One to two liters of air remain in the lungs at all times. (Note: there are […]

Let’s Take a Breath

For singers, the goal of breathing exercises is to let the body learn to take care of breathing on its own. (As always, we practice technique so that we won’t have to think about it when we need it.) As singers our job is to control the exhale. Singing is (usually) done on the exhale, […]

Some Signs of Oversinging

Hey, oversinging happens to the best of us. Here are some questions to help you figure if you might (possibly? just a little bit?) be oversinging.

To Oversing or Sing …

Lots of things can contribute to oversinging; from a lack of technical training to performance nerves or a desire to wow audiences. This article defines the term in two ways then offers tips to counteract both.