Some Signs of Oversinging

Hey, oversinging happens to the best of us.

We get excited, or we can’t hear, or we get really focused on singing the right notes or rhythms and we forget our technique. Mostly, we forget to LISTEN to what we’re doing.

Below are some questions to help you figure if you might (possibly? just a little bit?) be oversinging.

  • Do you feel breathless after you sing? Do you run out of breath on certain parts of your song(s)?
  • Do you “sing from the throat?” Does your throat feel sore or scratchy after singing? Are you ever hoarse after singing? (IMPORTANT: Singing should never HURT!)
  • Do you feel like you have to sing very loud even when using a microphone?
  • Do you have trouble shifting gears (moving between registers) in your voice?
  • Do the veins and muscles in your neck stand out when you sing? Does your face get red? (Of course to notice this, you need to practice in front of a mirror or videotape yourself. Both of which, I highly recommend. *smile*)

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