How to Build a Book of Songs

If you are just starting out as a singer and you are hoping to gig or sit in, you might want to put together a book of songs.

8 Tips to Help You Sound Good and Sing Well

As singers, we want to sound good. And, as odd as it may sound, sometimes that can get in our way.

How to Woo Your Voice

Between teaching at MCTC and in my own teaching studio and coaching the kiddos at Northeast Middle School, I am talking to a lot of people about the fundamentals of singing. (Yay!)

Sadly, some of these singers don’t like their voices. (*sad face*) …

How to Memorize a Song

Learning the words to a song is obviously an important skill for a singer to master. This post contains tips to help you lock in those lyrics.

How It Works: The Larynx

Most singers know very little, however, about the parts of their instrument or how it works.