How to Sing Through Stage Fright

The end of my semesters always includes a performance opportunity for my students. And while most students are (cautiously) excited about the idea of performing, it also generates a lot of … well … let’s call it energy. And, unfortunately, there is no way around pre-performance energy, you can only go through it. Here are […]

How to Sing in Tune

Singing in tune requires two things – the ability to accurately hear pitches and the vocal technique to accurately produce them.

How to Build a Book of Songs

If you are just starting out as a singer and you are hoping to gig or sit in, you might want to put together a book of songs.

Building the Momentum Muscle

Bringing focus and attention to detail to our practice sessions is necessary and important to improving our singing. However …

8 Tips to Help You Sound Good and Sing Well

As singers, we want to sound good. And, as odd as it may sound, sometimes that can get in our way.