How to Get the Most Out of Practicing

Regular practice is a must in order to make vocal progress and keep your voice in good working order. My students often ask me what they should practice and how to stay focused so they can get the most out of practicing. Here are my ideas.

Be patient and honest with yourself when working on new skills. Are you achieving what you want? Record yourself to assist in making honest assessments.

If something is NOT working, slow it down or take a break. Sometimes the muscles are too fatigued to do what you are asking. If you are getting frustrated, wait to practice the exercises or song until you can get some additional instruction from your voice instructor.

Focus on (and critique!) one thing at a time. If you are working on intonation, then congratulate yourself when you sing the entire song in tune. Don’t berate yourself for forgetting the words. (This is a double whammy – no credit for the thing you did right and a hit for the something you weren’t even supposed to be paying attention to.)

Make practicing something you enjoy. Yes, it helps to set goals and track your progress. (Admittedly, not much fun during but great fun to see what kind of strides you have made after a few weeks or months!)

As with any exercise program, variety helps keep things interesting. When you get stuck, do something else, do something fun. Find a process that works for you and you will find yourself singing better in no time.

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