Staying Healthy During Cold & Flu Season

  1. Sleep. Rest is the best medicine for your body and voice. It is during sleep that our cells do all their repair work. Make sure you’re getting plenty of sleep, especially if you think you’re getting sick.

  2. Double the amount of water you drink. Not juice, not soda, not coffee or tea, WATER. Water helps move toxins out of the body. (Reduce caffeine and alcohol consumption; both cause dehydration.)

  3. Add fresh fruits and vegetables to your meals. (Of course, you already eat fresh fruits and vegetables, right? *grin*) Remember what is good for your body (nutrients and vitamins from raw foods) is good for your voice.

  4. Consider adding a daily vitamin (B vitamins are good for stressful times) or taking a run of a vitamin supplement.

  5. If you get the flu every year, consider getting a flu shot. Many pharmacies and schools have options.

  6. Wash your hands (often!). I invest in hand sanitizer, boxes of high-quality tissues and empty my waste cans often during cold and flu season.

  7. Avoid people who are sick. Conversely, if you are sick — STAY HOME until you are feeling better (and no longer contagious).

  8. Stay warm enough. Carry a lightweight (but warm) scarf with you and layer up for the changing temperatures (indoors and out!).

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