What to Include in Your Warmup Routine

A well-rounded warmup routine keeps your voice agile, strong and ready to sing.

  • Physical stretches should be part of warming up. Remember, singers are athletes.
  • Use breath exercises to wake up and engage the diaphragm and other breathing muscles.
  • Lip and tongue rolls ease tension in the face, tongue and jaw.
  • Include exercises that cover the range of the voice, including the outskirts. By the end of your warm up exercises, you should be able to sing high notes softly and easily.
  • Make your routine scalable. You will need to warm up longer for short events (2 to 3 songs) than for longer concerts (2+ hours).
  • If you have a lot of anxiety about performing, bring visualizations and relaxation exercises into your warm-up routine. Imagine that you are performing. See yourself singing well and easily without nerves or problems.

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